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What's New!

25 April 2011

Yesterday was a huge day for us as gorgeous Goldie attained the last of the points she required to become a Grand Champion. She will now be known as BIS Aust Grand Ch Mzalia Private Benjamin.

She is the first Grand Champion we have bred, and is also the first Grand Champion for her owners Stan & Eileen Laycock of Eilsta Basenjis.

Her achievement is even more special as Goldie has had over 3 years out of the ring with puppies, and whilst the Laycocks were campaigning younger stock.

Stan, Eileen & I send our thanks to everyone who has loved and supported Goldie along the way.

17 April 2011

We are delighted to announce the safe arrival yesterday, of our 2011 litter from Jason (Aust Grand Ch Baagna Virst Legend) and Tina (Aust Ch Mzalia Private Dancer)

There are 4 puppies in her litter - 2 dogs and 2 bitches; all red & white.

For more information about this litter, please visit our Breeding Plans page.

At this stage all puppies in the litter are spoken for.

07 November 2010

This weekend at the Millicent Kennel Club shows, Capri (Eilsta Eilov Capri) took part in her last shows as a Baby, and certainly completed her time competing in the the Baby classes in style.

After winning Baby Puppy in Group at each of the three shows, at the very last show, Capri, then went on to win her 3rd Baby Puppy in Show award. The judges were Mr Geoff Madulin (SA) for the Group, and Mrs Doreen Duffin (Makuba Basenjis, Vic) for Best in Show.

Capri turns 6 months old tomorrow, so the next time she comes out, she will be able to compete against the bir girls!

19 October 2010

On Saturday, at the Mildura & Districts Kennel Club Show, our beautiful Capri (Eilsta Eilov Capri) won her second Baby Puppy in Show. The judges were Mrs Doreen Duffin (Makuba Basenjis, Vic) for the Group, and Mr John Lowbridge (NSW) for Best in Show.

We could not be more pleased with the way she is progressing so far.

Even her brother and sister have had some lovely results recently with brother Eilsta Eilov Maluka winning a Baby in Show with his breeders in Tasmania, and Eilsta Eilov Destinee winning a Baby in Group in NSW for her owner Robyn Richardson of Tocayo Basenjis.

20 September 2010

Yesterday, our beautiful young girl Capri (Eilsta Eilov Capri) had her first major success in the showing, winning Baby Puppy in Show at the Murray Valley Kennel Club Show. The judge was Mr Frank Waring of Western Australia.

Capri is starting to get the idea of what being a showdog is all about, and showed her little head off during the Baby in Show judging.

Our sincere thanks go to Stan & Eileen Laycock of Eilsta Basenjis for entrusting us with this lovely girl.

09 August 2010

We are thrilled to announce that over the weekend beautiful Tasha took part at an international show in Sweden, winning Best of Breed and in the process, becoming our first Swedish and International Champion.

So Tasha is now known as Int/Nor/Swe Ch & DKV-09 Mzalia Making Headlines.

All of us at Mzalia are extremely proud of what Tasha and her owner Annika Kass have achieved together.

25 July 2010

We are delighted to welcome to the Mzalia tribe, the beautiful Eilsta Eilov Capri - a daughter of our Best in Show winning Aust Ch Mzalia Private Benjamin.

Click here to learn more about this charming girl.

20 May 2010

We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of our 2010 litter on 18 May, by our handsome Finnish gentleman Keke, and out of our gorgeous Specialty Best in Show winning Tina.

Mum and pups are doing well. Human mum and dad now need to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Photos will follow soon. Please watch our News Page for details.

17 February 2010

We are proud and delighted to announce that last weekend Tasha (aka DKV-09 Mzalia Making Headlines) became our first Norwegian Champion!

All of us at Mzalia send yodels of congratulations to Tasha and her owner Annika Kass of Ashiki Basenjis in Norway.

31 December 2009

Big congratulations to Ingeborg Kjol Molnes of Azanias Basenjis in Norway, on the safe arrival of the first litter of puppies from Zally (aka Mzalia Making Mischief). Two brindle boys and one brindle girl arrived safe and sound on 30th December.

The sire of the litter is Norwegian Champion Azanias Stargazer in Kirundu - or "Victor" as he is known at home.

18 October 2009

We are delighted and very proud to announce that this weekend, our handsome Finnish gentleman Keke, attained the last of the points required to become an Australian Champion, and we believe the first Finnish-bred Basenji to attain this title.

03 August 2009

Mzalia is delighted to introduce our 2009 Show Prospects.

Please click here to learn who they are and more about them.

20 July 2009

I still don't have my new computer yet, but at least I now have a loan computer I can use until mine arrives. I have finally been able to upload Keke's Photo Album. Please click here to have a look (it will open in a new browser window).

The other major change to the site is the addition of a Links page.

28 June 2009

Sadly, my beloved computer has decided that it would now rather be a microwave than a computer, and has fried it's internals. Luckily all of my data was backed up to an external hard disk drive, but it means that I have limited computer access until my replacement has been delivered (or I can arrange a loan computer).

That means for the time being there will be limited updates to my website and puppy photo albums.

For the time being, any news that I have to pass on, will be via my News Site, as I can update that via the web.

I'll let you all know when things are back to normal... well, as normal as they ever get around here!

08 June 2009

Congratulations to our handsome Finnish boy Keke on winning Best of Breed and INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW at the Spitz Breeds Club Show on 06 June.

Congratulations to Marilyn as well, on winning her first ever Challenge, and Runner-up Best of Breed.

After a few ongoing issues with our blog site, it is now back up and running again. I have changed it over to a new blogging program, and have updated the look and feel to match our new site.

Click here to visit our blog (it will open in a new browser window).

01 June 2009

Huge congratulations to Tasha (aka Mzalia Making Headlines) and her owner Annika Kass, on winning Best Bitch 2 at the Norwegian Specialty over the weekend, under Mr Ben Reynolds-Frost of the UK. Way to go girls!

It is hard to believe that the puppies are just over a week old now. They are coming along well, and Kimmy is being a wonderful mum.

To see some new photos of the pups, please click here (the Album will open in a new window).

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