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About our Kennel...
MZALIA is the Swahili word for "native" - so what an appropriate name for a kennel dedicated to the breeding of these remarkable little African dogs.

Mzalia Basenjis was founded in 1995 by Karen and David Hyland, and is located in Two Wells, approximately 40 north of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.

All of our kids have spacious yards to run and play in during the day, and come inside in the evening so that we can spend quality time with them.

We are proud to have bred basenjis that have been successful in showrings around Australia, not only for ourselves, but for other exhibitors as well - and many of our dogs are now proving themselves to be successful producers as well. We are also very proud of the achievements of our recent exports to Norway, both of whom are multiple Best of Breed winners and are very close to attaining their Norwegian titles.

But just as important to us are all of the dogs we have placed into loving pet homes.

All of our breeding stock are DNA Clear/Normal for Fanconi, or are the progeny of two DNA tested Clear/Normal parents.

To learn more about our achievements to date, please visit our Achievements page.

imageKaren Hyland
During my childhood I had several different dogs, ranging from ex-racing Greyhounds, to terriers to Great Danes and even Irish Wolfhounds. But these were the dogs of my parents choice and not the curly tailed little African imp that I had fallen in love with after first seeing him in a book as an 8 year old child.

Of course once I moved out of home and had a place of my own, one of the first things on the agenda was to get myself a basenji. And in September 1994 my dream came true when my first basenji - wrinkly little 4 month old bitch called Mlia came home to live with us. Only interested in keeping her as a pet - the show ring was the furthest thing from my mind - but she soon changed all that, and was the catalyst that started it all.

My how life has changed since then!

In addition to breeding and showing, I have also been actively involved with several different Specialist and All Breeds Committees over the years, but unfortunately have had to scale back my involvement in recent times due to work and other commitments. I am still on the Committee of the Spitz Breeds Club of South Australia - a committee that I first commenced working with back in 1997.

Life outside of the Dog World...
I have 3 main passions in life in addition to my dogs, my family and the dog world in general: motor racing, horse racing and stand-up comedy.

Having been brought up in a motor racing family, where my parents competed in many different forms of the sport, it was only natural that I follow suit. At one time I even raced sprint karts myself, but the spiralling costs of my university education, unfortunately put a stop to my time in karts. My favourite forms of motorsport are V8 Supercars, Formula 1 and historic racing.

My interest in horse racing again stems from my childhood, when my grandmother would regularly take me to either thoroughbred racing or harness racing meetings, and has continued right through my life. Whilst I don't go to the races nearly as often as I once did, I still take a keen interest especially in breeding and bloodlines.

And recently I have become a first-time part-owner of a few young horses which is really exciting! Eventually, I hope to have a page up on this site for my horses.

Compared to motor racing and horse racing my love of comedy is relatively new - if you can call 25 years new! I have always enjoyed a good laugh, and whilst comedy is fun to watch on tv, it's not nearly as good as being there and watching live performances. You just don't get the spontaneity, interaction and immediacy on tv, that you do when you go to a live performance. TV you watch - live performances you experience.

In addition to going to many performances during the Adelaide Fringe, there is also a very good local comedy scene in Adelaide, and David and I would go to on average a show per week during the year. To learn more about the comedy scene in Adelaide, visit the Adelaide Comedy Wesbite.

In December 2008 we were inducted into the Adelaide Comedy "Hall of Fame", and in March 2009, we were the very proud (and very suprised) recipients of the Adelaide Fringe "Spirit of the Fringe" Award.

Having worked for nearly 25 years in the ICT and Training Sectors, in 2007 I established my own IT Consulting and Training business, where I provide training, project management and change management services to my clients.

imageDavid Hyland
David is my husband and best friend, and without his ongoing support, Mzalia Basenjis would never exist. David isn't really that interested in the "show scene" (although he does seem to enjoy showing Ryan and Magenta) - he's more happy to have a basenji to cuddle up with in front of the television. But he still comes to every show to help out, for which I am very grateful. He has even been on a couple of Club Committees with me.

David also enjoys playing with basenji babies - until they get their teeth that is :)

Life outside of the Dog World...
Like myself, David is also a motor racing fan. We actually me as a direct result of motor racing, both of us being Adelaide-based members of the same English-based pen friends club - the Grand Prix Contact Club. So needless to say we both sit and watch all the motor racing telecasts.

He also loves comedy just as much as me, and we are both regular figures at comedy shows during both the Fringe and after.

David is employed as a software engineer for a large International software company.

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