Australian Champion Vanguardian Real McCoy
(Imp Finland)

Sire: BISS Int/S/Cze Ch & SW-06/SJW-06 Zahleka King of Kongo (Sweden)
Dam: Int/Nord/Fin/N/Est/Lv/S Ch Sternhimmels Carpe Diem (Finland)

red & white dog whelped 02 November 2007
owned by Karen Hyland - Mzalia Basenjis, South Australia
bred by Anni Toikka - Vanguardian Basenjis, Finland

Fanconi DNA Linkage Test: Probably Clear/Normal

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Introducing Keke...
We are delighted to introduce Keke - our first import, and we believe the first Basenji to have been imported to Australia from Finland. Cheeky and very playful, Keke is a delightful character and an exciting addition to our tribe.

Keke is named after the famous Finn, Keke Rosberg who was the first Finnish Formula 1 World Champion, and also winner of the first Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix held back in 1985 here in my hometown of Adelaide. And I was there on the day!

I may be biased, but think this is a perfect name for our boy.

Keke handled all of the travel and the required 30 days in quarantine in his stride, and it was a fantastic feeling to finally have this boy home with us in Adelaide in September 2008.

He quickly settled into his new life with our Aussie blokes and sheilas, and loves spending time with Tina, Kimmy, Zayla and the puppies.

My sincere thanks go to his breeder, Anni Toikka of Vanguardian Basenjis for allowing such a lovely boy to come down under, and for all of her time and efforts preparing Keke for his big move.

Keke is the father of one litter of puppies, born on 22 May 2009, to our Kimmy (aka Aust Ch Mzalia Look At Me).

Three of these puppies are currently being shown, and their pages can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

More photos of this litter can be viewed here.

In 2010 Keke has been mated to our beautiful Specialty Best in Show winner Tina (aka Aust Ch Mzalia Private Dancer) and these puppies will be due around May 16.

Keke is available at stud to approved, health tested bitches. For more information about Keke please email us.

Show Record...
Keke has been shown in both Australia and Finland with some lovely results. In Australia he has been a multiple Best of Breed and Class in Show winner, and is well on the way to becoming an Australian Champion.

He was also 3rd in Class at the 2009 Basenji Club of Victoria Specialty.

In Finland, Anni showed him seven times in the Puppy classes for 5 x Best of Breed Puppy, 2nd Best Dog Puppy at the Finnish Specialty, and BIS-4 Puppy at the Finnish Sight Hound Specialty. He won his Class in 6 of the 7 shows he attended in Finland, and received the Honor Prize (HP) each time he was shown.

Despite only being exhibited in the first half of the year, Keke still finished in 5th Place in the Basenji Club of Finland's Basenji Puppy of the Year award.

Keke attained the title of Australian Champion in October 2009, making him (we believe) the first Finnish-bred basenji to attain this title.

"Longer cast red & white dog who showed good wrinkle and a pleasing head and expression. Shoulder placement was a concern and coat presented very long."
Mrs Kay Eldred (New South Wales, Jebelmarra Basenjis)
Basenji Club of Victoria Inc - 21 February 2009
3rd Place - Limit Dog Class

"Almost 9 months. Tall, masculine male puppy with good body proportions. Head with strong skull, good ears & bite, eyes could be darker. Good neck and withers. Well developed chest. Good back. Strongly angulated back end. Good bone and paws. Moves well. Should not get any taller. A bit light nose pigmentation. Good temperament."
Maija Makinen (Finland)
Turku - 27 July 2008
3rd Puppy Male (with HP)

"A male of excellent type and very beautiful outline. Excellent proportions. Very promising head and expression. Good ears and bite. Beautiful neck. High at withers. Well angulated. Very good tail. Still a bit insufficient buttocks. Promising body. Moves in a straight line. Could have even longer stride. Charming temperament."
Rita Reyniers (Belgium)
Pori INT Show -26 July 2008
Best of Breed Puppy (with HP)

"Excellent type. Good proportions. Typical wrinkles in forehead. Already strong in back. Nice expressive head with correct bite. Medium dark eyes. Young dog with great attitude. Typical tail & angulations. Moves already steady."
Soile Bister (Finland)
Ypaja Show - 19 July 2008
Best of Breed Puppy (with HP)

"Very promising 8,5-month-old male. Very stylish. Excellent head. Beautiful ears & eyes. Good bite. Excellent topline. Well angulated. Excellent chest and tail. Excellent movement. Good temperament."
Zidy Munsterhielm-Ehnberg (Finland)
Karjaa Show - 13 July 2008
Best of Breed Puppy (with HP)

"8 months. Beautifully built male. Nice head & good expression. Nicely set ears. Would prefer better underjaw. Nice shoulders. Good crest of neck. Good shelf. Very nicely angulated. Extremely short body with perfect tail. Still not settled in movements but ok for puppy. Proud silhouette. Very well presented."
Eli-Marie Klepp (Norway)
Finnish Sight Hound Club Specialty - 28 June 2008
Best of Breed Puppy (with HP) - then BIS-4 Puppy under Karin Hedberg (Sweden)

"Excellent type. A young man with beautiful, typical movement. Excellent shape of the head. Good ears and wrinkles. Correct neck and throat line. Very good shelf. Well curled and set tail. Good skin and coat."
Marja Talvitie (Finland)
Forssa INT Show - 15 June 2008
Best of Breed Puppy (with HP)

"Beautiful silhouette. Good head profile. I would prefer more wrinkles. A bit thick neck. Good feet and paws. Forechest could be better developed. Stylish topline and well set tail. Good posture on the move."
Hans Lehtinen (Finland)
Finnish Basenji Specialty - 7 & 8 June 2008
1st Place Puppy Dog (7-9 months) with HP & 2nd Best Dog Puppy

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Summary of Results

2 x Classes in Show

14 x Best of Breed
3 x Runner-up Best of Breed

16 x Dog Challenge
4 x Reserve Dog Challenge
BIS-4 Puppy
Finnish Sighthound Specialty

5 x Best of Breed Puppy
6 x Class Wins
7 x HP awards

Basenji Club of Finland
5th Place - 2008 Basenji Puppy of the Year

Specialty Show Highlights
2009 Basenji Club of Victoria Inc
3rd Place - Limit Dog Class
Judge: Mrs Kay Eldred (Australia - Jebelmarra Basenjis)
2008 Finnish Basenji Specialty
1st Place - Puppy Dog 7 to 9 months (with HP)
2nd Best Male Puppy in Show

Specialist Show Highlights
2009 Spitz Breeds Club of South Australia Inc
Best of Breed
Judge: Mrs Yanina Smith (Tasmania)

2008 Spitz Breeds Club of South Australia Inc
Open Show
Best of Breed
Judges: Mrs Raelene Smith (South Australia)- Breed
Mrs Kerin Hutchings (South Australia) - General Specials

2008 Hound Club of ACT Inc
Best of Breed
Judge: Mrs Christine McGreevy (Queensland)

2008 Hound Club of ACT Inc
Dog Challenge & Runner-up Best of Breed
Judge: Mr Dennis McGreevy (Queensland)
2008 Finnish Sight Hound Specialty
Judge: Karin Hedberg (Sweden) - In Show
Best of Breed Puppy (with HP)
Judge: Elie-Marie Klepp (Norway) - Breed

Show Results complete to 10 October 2009

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BISS Int/S/Cze Ch
Zahleka King of Kongo [CL]
red & white 26 November 2005
Dk Ch
From PB's Devil In Red
BISS Int/Fin/Dk/S/N/Est/Rus Ch
Wazazi Grand Crusader (Imp Aust)
MBIS Aust Grand Ch
Wazazi Classic Lover
Aust Ch
Wazazi Silver Jubilee
Int/Dk/Klub/Lux/S/Fin/N/Nord Ch
Skyewalker's Storm of Whitney
Dk Ch
Faraoland Nile Wild Jeriko
Int/Dk Ch
Abotere's Nyasa
S Ch & S Field Tracking Ch
Zaina of Jillayla (Imp NZ) [CL]
Aust/NZ Ch
Jebelmarra Razzle Dazzle (Imp Aust)
BISS/RuBIS Aust Grand Ch
Wazazi Perfect Dazzler
Aust Ch
Jebelmarra Impertinence
Whitebriar Zarah of Jillayla NZ Ch
Borasus Taurific Impact (Imp Aust)
Whiteflame Africa Rose
Int/Nord/Fin/N/Est/Lv/S Ch
Sternhimmels Carpe Diem [CL]
red & white 18 December 2001
Sternhimmels Vide Et Crede Int/Fin/Est Ch
Sternhimmels Jobber Jochim
Int/Fin/Est/Dk Ch
Sternhimmels Gerd Gepard
Int/Fin/Est/Dk Ch
Azenda Dreamtime (Imp Eng)
Fin/S Ch
Sternhimmels Parze Pandora
N Ch
Tamsala Spun Silk (Imp Aust)
Int/Fin/S/Lv Ch
Sternhimmels Manda Meerkatze
Int/Fin/S/Est Ch
Sternhimmels Rara Avis
Int/S/N/Dk Ch
M Wami's Tatu
Int/N/S Ch
Bokoto Nile Star Voyager
Faraoland Nile Wild Chikari
Int/Fin/S/Dk/N Ch
Sternhimmels Liebe Lenore
Int/Fin/Est/S Ch
Furahan Irambo
Int/Fin/Est/S/N Ch
Sternhimmels I Freilich Ira

Pedigree Notes...

  • [CL] denotes this dog has been Fanconi DNA Linkage tested Probably Clear/Normal
Keke is a litter brother to : Keke is a maternal half-brother to :

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