International/Norwegian/Swedish Ch & DKV-09 Mzalia Making Headlines (Exp Norway) ~ Tasha

Norwegian & Swedish Champion
& Danish Winner 2009 (DKV-09)
Mzalia Making Headlines
(Exp Norway)

Sire: Aust Ch Mzalia Private Ryan
Dam: Aust Ch Wazazi Tailord By Virtue

red & white bitch whelped 21 June 2007
proudly owned and exhibited by Annika Kass - Ashiki Basenjis, Norway

Fanconi DNA Linkage Test: Probably Clear/Normal

Introducing Tasha...
We are proud to present Tasha - a beautiful daughter of Ryan (aka Aust Ch Mzalia Private Ryan) and Zayla (aka Aust Ch Wazazi Tailord By Virtue).

Tasha loves everyone and everything and just adores cuddles with her basenji slaves.

Along with her litter sister Zally (aka Mzalia Making Mischief), Tasha made the big trip to Norway and took it all in her stride, settling into her new home very quickly. You could say that Tasha really is "Making Headlines" for us, as she and her litter sister Zally are the first kids to represent our kennel in Norway.

Tasha is owned and loved by Annika Kass and her family, and has already made good friends with Willy the basenji and Ken the British Shorthair cat.

We thank Annika for giving Tasha such a lovely home, and hope she has lots of fun times with our Tash-Tash.

To learn more about Tasha, visit her page on Annika's site.

Tasha had her first litter of puupies in January 2011. To learn more about them, please visit the Ashiki's Basenjis website.

Show Record...
Breaking News...
In August 2010, Tasha become Mzalia's first Swedish and International Champion! This follows on from her Norwegian title in February 2010!

In November 2009, Tasha wins back-to-back Best of Breeds (with CACIBs) in Denmark, and achieves the title of Danish Winner 2009 (DKV-09). Way to go Annika and Tasha!

This follows on from Tasha's BB-2 at the 2009 Norwegian Specialty under Mr Ben Reynolds-Frost (UK).

Tasha has made a wonderful start to her show career with Annika. She is a Multiple Best of Breed winner, and has been placed at Group level.

In 2008, Tasha was judged by 3 different breed specialists (Jon Curby [Kibushi - USA], Damara Bolte [Reveille - USA] and Irene Terry [Zizunga - UK]), and each time she was placed in class with an Excellent grading. She also qualified for Crufts.

Congratulations Tasha and Annika!

08 November 2009 (Danish Winners Show)
Judge: Anne-Mari Haugsten (Norway)
Best of Breed, CACIB, CAC, Excellent & Danish Winner-09 (DKV-09)

"Feminine bitch, excellent type, very good head with nice wrinkles, good neck and outline, well placed and carried tail, harmonic angulations, good body, nice size, good movements"

07 November 2009
Judge: Ake Cronander (Sweden)
Best of Breed, CACIB, CAC, Excellent

"Excellent type, well formed head, nice expression and good wrinkles, excellent ears, nice neck, very good body, good angulations, good bones, and paws, excellent movments from the side, a bit narrow behind!"

13 September 2009
Judge: Kari Granaas Hansen (Norway)
Best Bitch-2 with CACIB

"Beautiful bitch, beautiful head & expression, well placed ears, excellent prop, good tail, ok angulation in front, good behind, very good movemnts from the side and behind."

30 May 2009 (Norwegian Basenji Specialty)
Judge: Ben Reynolds-Frost (United Kingdom)
Best Bitch-2

"Excellent head, would like slightly darker eyes, good earset, good reach of neck, correct front and feet, good depth of brisket, correct topline, good tailset, correct hindquarters, beautiful outline, Excellent on the move, front and rear!"

02 May 2009
Judge: Marian Sloan (Ireland)
CAC with Best of Breed

"Very stylish bitch, lovely shape, moves exceptionally well."

05 April 2009
Judge: Vilja Klucniece (Latvia)
CAC with Best of Breed and Group 4th

"Nice breed type, big girl, excellent head with good profile, wrinkly forehead, little bit wide earset, elegant neck, good topline, excellent harmony with red and white, excellent typical light movement, short coat, excellent set and curly tail"

04 April 2009
Judge: Bob Brampton (United Kingdom)
CAC & CACIB with Best of Breed

"Beautiful shaped head, nice ear placement, very good eyes and mouth, lovely reach of neck, beautiful topline, everything correct, movement very good. Has a very promising future, excellent condition, excellent handler"

17 August 2008
Judge: Mark Cocozza (United Kingdom)
1 JK, 1 JKK, HP, Crufts Qualified

"Nice outline, would prefer a little shorter in body, feminine head, good wrinkles good head, tailset slightly low, balanced angulations, moves very well in profile with good long stride"

06 July 2008 (World Dog Show)
Judge: Irene Terry (Zizunga Basenjis - United Kingdom)
3rd Place Junior Bitch - with "Excellent"

"Good head, wrinkle and eye colour, slightly down at front, level back, good tail and set, good coat and colour, good curl, good feet"

05 July 2008
Judge: Damara Bolte (Reveille Basenjis - United States of America)
2nd Place Junior Bitch - with "Excellent"

"Very typey, beautiful head shape and wrinkle. Beautiful red coat, fine texture. Very good coming and going"

15 June 2008
Judge: Tina Permo (Sweden)
CC and Best Opposite Sex

"Feminine, nice head and expression, correct teeth, good eyes, wrinkles and ears, excellent neck, good topline and body, correct tail, well angulations, good bone and paws, excellent coat, moves with good length"

14 June 2008
Judge: Harto Stockmari (Finland)
CC and Best Opposite Sex

"Feminine bitch, good head and teeth, good neck and body, normal angulations, good tail, lovely temperament, moves good"

31 May 2008 (Norwegian Basenji Specialty)
Judge: Jon Curby (Kibushi Basenjis - United States of America)
1 JK, 2JKK, CK, Best Bitch 5

"Good profile, good head, acceptable angulations, movement acceptable"

13 April 2008
Judge: Willemine Van Deijl (Netherlands)
CC & Best Opposite Sex

"9½ months, excellent type, elegant short construction, typical head, nice wrinkles, excellent expression, dark eyes, well formed mask, well carried forward ears, nice neck, topline not straight yet, enough depth of chest, well carried tail, enough angulations front and behind, stands well, good parallel movement, typical movement"

29 March 2008
Judge: Hassi Assenmacher (Germany)
1 JK, 1 JKK, CK, 2 Btk (Reserve Bitch)

"9 mth. Good size, typical head, feminine expression, good wrinkles, nice pigment, almond shaped dark eyes, good ear carriage, well built body, nice neck + topline, well tucked up, good front, enough angular behind, moves quite well, good coat + temperament"

28 October 2007
Judge: Leif-Herman Wilberg (Norway)
"Very pleasant integrity, nice size and proportions, nice head, nice wrinkles on forehead, a bit big ears with little much width between. Nice neck and top line, excellent tail normal angles, excellent paws, moves nicely and effectively, nice coat structure"

27 October 2007
Judge: Helge Lie (Norway)
4 month, excellent head for age, good ears and eyes, nice expression, excellent neck and topline, good front, good body and bone structure, good tailset, good angular behind, good temperament, moves and shows well"

21 October 2007
Judge: Christen Lang (Norway)
"A puppy of excellent type, well shaped head with excellent wrinkles, sufficient neck, could have a austere topline and better curved tail, sufficient chest for age. Elegant bone structure, good angles back, could have shown her movements better today, good coat and colour, need a bit more training to be confident when showed."

Aust Ch Mzalia Private Ryan [CL]
red & white 30 May 2004
Tocayo Giambi [CL] Aust Ch Baagna Xs Aztec MBISS Aust Ch Baagna Wotta Jackpot [CL]
Aust Ch Baagna Ultra Babe
Aust Ch Tocayo Juma [CL] Aust Ch Tocayo Noaga
Aust Ch Tocayo Singita
Aust Ch Mzalia Texas Cheerleader [CL] Aust Ch Baagna Tiz Wundaful BIS/MBISS/MRuBISS Aust Ch Baagna Hustler
Int/Aust/Belg/Dk/Nord Ch Baagna Quay Siren (Exp Neth)
Aust Ch Eilsta Qwyt Kutani [CL] Aust Ch Baagna Racy N Blackk
Aust Ch Baagna Prize Copy
Aust Ch Wazazi Tailord By Virtue [CL]
red & white 03 July 2002
Aust Ch Wazazi Heavenly Choice Wazazi Perfect Rebel Borasus Sun Over Morocco
Aust Ch Wazazi Silver Jubilee
MBISS Aust Ch Wazazi Pure Imagination BISS/RuBIS Aust Grand Ch Wazazi Perfect Dazzler
BIS/MBISS Aust Grand Ch Wazazi Trybal Image
Aust Ch Wazazi Grand Virtue [CL] MBIS Aust Grand Ch Wazazi Classic Lover BIS/BISS Aust Ch Baagna Erastus
Aust Ch Baagna Justa Honey
Aust Ch Wazazi Silver Jubilee Aust Ch Baagna Proud Nsinful
BIS/MBISS Aust Grand Ch Wazazi Trybal Image

Pedigree Notes...

  • [CL] denotes this dog has been Fanconi DNA Linkage tested Probably Clear/Normal
  • Wazazi Perfect Rebel (3rd gen) is a littermate to BISS/RuBIS Aust Grand Ch Wazazi Perfect Dazzler (4th gen)
  • MBISS Aust Ch Wazazi Pure Imagination (3rd gen) is a half-sister to Aust Ch Wazazi Silver Jubilee (3rd & 4th gen)
  • Aust Ch Wazazi Grand Virtue is a half-sister to Wazazi Perfect Rebel (3rd gen) and BISS/RuBIS Aust Grand Ch Wazazi Perfect Dazzler (4th gen)
  • MBIS Aust Grand Ch Wazazi Classic Lover (3rd gen) is a half-brother to BIS/MBISS Aust Grand Ch Wazazi Trybal Image (4th gen)
  • Int/Aust/Belg/Dk/Nord Ch Baagna Quay Siren (Exp Neth) (4th gen) is a half-sister to Aust Ch Baagna Racy N Blackk (4th gen)
Tasha is a litter sister to: Tasha is a maternal half sister to:
  • Multiple Best of Breed and Class in Show winner Aust Ch Mzalia Look At Me
  • Royal Adelaide Show Sweepstakes winner Mzalia Look Sharp

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25 April 2011